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When Harry met Sally, and Harold met Maude, they didn’t have an app or an algorithm. Two people shared a long distance ride to NYC, and the other two shared a penchant for funerals. The point is, they met out in the real world, not the virtual one.

We created Single & Looking so SALs, or single people, can connect with one another when they are out and about. We looked around, and noticed that people are content to wear apparel and accessories that feature motifs and logos of commercial brands – a little green alligator, a guy on a horse, or an emblematic swoosh.  We thought, instead of advertising for someone else, why not embrace fashion that can promote what you’re looking for? Why not wear your heart on your sleeve, or on your wrist, or on your car?

If people can share their relationship status with the virtual world, why not share it with the non-virtual one, aka The Universe. SAL is about being open to possibilities. It’s a little nostalgia, a little retro, and our hope is to bring back serendipity and spontaneity in making real world connections.   So maybe, the next time you’re at your local coffee shop, or on-line at the airport, you might meet a fellow SAL, which may lead to romance. Or bromance. You just never know unless you try!

Team #SAL