Single & Looking/SAL is a fashion and lifestyle brand for non-coupled individuals who, though completely comfortable with their single status, are open to meeting like-minded people with whom to pursue their passions, platonic or otherwise.

We are NOT a dating site, a hook-up service, or anything you’ve ever seen before. We’re about real people connecting, socially and romantically, in real time and in real life. A little bit modern and a little bit retro, we’ve eschewed apps and algorithms for something decidedly lower tech: wearing our hearts--or relationship status, at least--on our sleeves (among other places), as loud and proud or as subtly and quietly as we see fit.

As such, SAL offers a wide range of apparel, jewelry, and other items designed not only to identify yourself to other SALs, but to help personalize/advertise what you’re looking for, and “break the ice” when you find it.

We’re not anti-couple, anti-romance, or anti-anything else--if anything, it’s about celebrating the serendipity, spontaneity and adventure that being romantically unencumbered allows.

As a colorful, complex group of individuals, SALS define ourselves--by our experiences, affinities and personal preferences, not societal expectations.   Besides, what fun is toeing a line that never suited you to begin with? Exactly! None fun. And if you’re a SAL, fun matters. And we are here to help you find yours.

So, whether you’re single by choice or by circumstance, SAL exists to help you find what (or who) you’re looking for--whether that means a doubles partner or a first mate, a friendly adventure co-pilot or your last first date.

It’s OK to look.  It’s even better to act.